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When are the Marshmallows back in stock?

We are relaunching as Clomaná around February. Sign up to our newsletter to keep informed!


I haven’t got an email?

Check junk mail! If not, message the Instagram help page and we can check which is: @clomanabeautyhelp


I placed 2 orders, can you put them in one box?

Unfortunately not. This makes things very confusing and if something is to go missing, we cannot claim the full amount of your order back from Royal Mail.


My Marshmallow Sponge is small?

You need to wet it! Keep it running under the tap and squeeze for 30 seconds.


How do I stop my Marshmallow growing mould?

All makeup sponges that are dampened can grow mould if left in a warm or enclosed space. Make sure to keep it in a well ventilated, open area.


My Marshmallow Sponge has a rip in it?

This can be down to a few things. Human error is a big cause, as the Marshmallow is super delicate, nail marks can be made if the sponge is handled with a heavier hand, this can be done during washing or application (pinching the sponge). We also noticed dried out foundation on the sponge can cause splits as this will cause the material to dry out. Lastly, when cleaning your sponges please avoid drying formulas. Natural soaps with moisturising properties in are best. 


How long is delivery?

It is 2-10 working days excluding weekends and bank holidays before your order is shipped, the 24 or 48 with Royal Mail will apply afterwards!


Will you have the same products still for Clomaná?

Yes! We are just changing the packaging slightly. The sponges, soaps, tan etc will be back soon.



You have 14 days to return something.

At this moment we only offer partial payment for exchanges. You will have to cover the cost of sending the parcel from yourself to us, from there we will cover the cost of the exchange postage from us back to yourself.

Returns (not exchanges) will be refunded postage unless they got the *free shipping*


- please make sure you have not marked the item. we take quality checks very serious so please make sure you have not worn the item other than to try it on.

- please keep proof of postage, this is very serious. we will need this so we can track the item or have proof it was posted back.