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Our Story

The Story

Hello! My name is Chloe & I am the owner, founder, ceo, whatever you want to call me, of Clomaná Beauty.

On December the 1st, 2018, I launched a brand named Coco Cosmetics by Chloe. I started with 100 pairs of strip lashes with £530 my Nana gave me. I was a makeup artist & love making others feel beautiful.

My whole life I have suffered with severe eczema. In secondary school I ended up with the eczema spreading to my face, it wasn’t a fun time for me! The only thing that made me feel slightly more confident, was makeup. For hours on end I’d watch my favourite YouTuber, Nikkie Tutorials as she guided her followers on how to apply makeup & apply it well. From this point I knew I wanted my own company but I didn’t believe I could ever make it happen. I was a young girl, not from a wealthy background & from a small town… i was a nobody.

Two years into my brand at the time Coco Cosmetics, it began to get recognised outside of my local town. I would post every day on social media, I never wanted to give up even though I always had heavy doubts in the back of my mind.

Long story short… because let’s leave the rest to a podcast maybe one day! But fast forward to today and we are stocked in Beauty Bay & Sephora UK. We have a huge, loyal customer base that we love and adore so much & we ship thousands of parcels around the world each month. And would you believe me if I said Nikkie Tutorials, who taught me so much in makeup back in the day, has the Marshmallow Sponge and voted it her TOP favourite sponge of 2023!

I want to remind you, who is reading this, that dreams absolutely can come true. Commitment, determination and consistency will get you there.

Going into 2024, we are now Clomaná Beauty. We are elevating every single part of the company & are excited for you guys to experience even more with Clomaná!